Youth Business Fair Southport-Oak Island


Kid Expo
The Southport-Oak-Island Area Youth Business Fair is a new event in 2019.

The Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce, North Brunswick Chamber and the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce a Tri-Chamber collaboration of the Building Brunsco Kids Expo.

The Brunswick County Chamber piloted the Building Brunsco Kids Expo on August 25th, 2018 after eight months of planning and preparation. A pop-up shop for youth ages seven to eighteen, the event is modeled after a business expo in which the youth vendors sell their product or service.

The introduction of this new event was brought to Brunswick County to provide a forum for the next generation of entrepreneurs to showcase their passions and talents. Applicants create a product or service, develop the brand, and then market and sell it at the event. They run the booths without adult assistance ensuring they practice skills necessary for professional and personal growth such as creative and critical thinking, math and communication skills.

Chamber Presidents, Shannon Viera, Brunswick County Chamber, Dana Fisher, North Brunswick Chamber and Karen Sphar, Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber have come together to take that next step by providing multi-location opportunities for the youth to get involved in the event. Beginning in 2019, each Chamber will host a like event in their area of the county - North Brunswick in the Spring, Brunswick County Chamber continuing in Summer and Southport-Oak Island Area in late Fall with a tie in to Shop Local Saturday in November.    

The Southport-Oak Island Youth Business Fair will be held on Saturday, November 23rd.  Details coming soon.

This event is sponsored by Acton Academy & Acton Children's Business Fair.